Cool Guitar Stuff

We have been actively collecting vintage guitars, amps, pedals and other oddities since the early 90’s. Here we have basically a labor of love periodically adding pictures and information for like-minded visitors. Back in the 80’s before we actually started “collecting” we inadvertently acquired and traded lots of old gear which we wished that we had been more knowledgeable about back then because some of it would be ultra sweet to have kept!

But most of us wind up selling or trading this stuff eventually anyway for various reasons. Still though, there is nothing quite like the hunt and the acquisition process. This is why we call it a “Guitar Safari” although there is nowhere near as much great stuff out there in the wild today.

So as we travel through the evolution of the guitar, it is easy to find an unparalleled diversity in sound potential. Exotic woods, flamed maple tops, solid bodies, acoustic guitars all of which produce a crisp natural and often unique resonance. The appeal of custom color electric guitars for instance is powerful.The range between humbuckers and single coil pickups is vast. The tones which vintage effects pedals can produce are essentially an endless source of analog inspiration. Combine any of these elements with the tones that vintage tube amps can produce and you will understand why there is more than just the hunt. There is the playing side!

Focusing on guitars from the past, as well as the present, helps to tie the history and evolution of these musical instruments together. Some are collectible, rare and extremely valuable while others are simply cheap guitars no matter how old or “collectible” they are.

The differences have to do with many factors such as who made them, when they were made, how many there are and what the quality of materials they are built with are. Solid information is important to help decipher the identifying aspects of various guitar gear since it can be tricky on some of the old vintage stuff. Most used guitars are easy to identify, based on some basic knowledge. Condition is always a huge factor in determining this though. Getting to know a bit more about any particular guitar is a huge part of this adventure.

Vintage Silvertone Amp and Danelectro Longhorn Bass

This photo is a nice rare guitar and amp combination which includes a 1950 Silvertone 1344 model tube amp, and a vintage Danelectro Longhorn 6-string bass from the early 1960s. Read more about this Danelectro Longhorn guitar review here with several great photos.