Boss SD-1 Super Over Drive

The Boss SD-1 is designed to maintain the mellow tones of your guitar while creating a full-on overdrive effect. The vintage Super Over Drive when played through your guitar amplifier will not change your carefully set tone as some distortion pedals will, this is what is nice about a good overdrive pedal. This pedal is good at doing just that and it maintains all the subtle harmonic overtones.

For example you can take a Fender Stratocaster, set the pickup selector to the out-of-phase setting (2nd or 4th setting) and run it through a vintage tube amp preferably on a clean setting. This produces a pristine tone with all of the details which you would expect. Now, by playing through the SD-1 pedal you can dial in an overdriven tone without losing that delicate Strat tone. The sound remains the same yet it widens-out with a much thicker tone. The Boss SD-1 has a tone control which gives you a whole lot of options well beyond just the EQ settings on your amp or guitar.

You can actually make this pedal create a distorted tone if you want to by cranking-up the treble frequency with the tone knob and also setting the drive control knob to full-on also. The drive control knob gives you plenty of ability to dial in just the right amount of overdrive sounds from your guitar. If you are looking for a really thick distortion though, you will be better off using another pedal instead. However if want to play around with an overdriven tone while maintaining your existing tone and also have complete control of the sound with an effects pedal then the SD-1 is a good choice for this due to it’s subtle tone manipulation capabilities.