Fender Mustang Amp – New and Used

There are lots of guitar amps out there today that can deliver simulations of other more classic amplifiers. The Fender Mustang amp is one particular incarnation of these which brings a ton of these features right to the forefront. For many guitar players the sheer variety of sounds which can be generated from one small guitar amplifier is a huge advantage whether you play onstage or in small rooms in home studios.

Quickly dialing in the variations from such classics as the 1959 Fender Bassman or the 1965 Deluxe Reverb are just a couple of the huge tones which can be heard coming from the Fender Mustang amp.

Today players expect to find the basics like on-board chromatic tuners and useful outputs. This can keep the session going with only the minimal amount of gear. The vintage guitar amps are hard to come by, we all know that, yet the ability for today’s amps to give life-like recreations of those elusive tones is one of the benefits which we all share right now.

These are some of the top examples which include each of the powerful and soulful Mustang amps from Fender. Preset effects also make these ready to play right from the start. If dialing the classic tones which Fender is famous for then these are excellent options for those looking to get it all in one relatively cheap guitar amp ready to tackle any style of playing you demand.

These amplifiers are packed with highly intuitive pre-sets and they are easy to edit too. This really makes a difference when you want to tweak one of the factory pre-sets to get it just right and the way you want to hear it. We almost always do this for getting the sound we want from humbucker guitars and also those with single coils. This really helps if you intend to play several different guitars through one of these amps.