Rare Older Taylor K22 Koa Acoustic

This is an early example of the K22 model and is rare compared to other Taylor acoustics which are made from Hawaiian Koa wood. The one pictured here was made in 1991 and has a 5-digit serial number. Also shown is the original warranty card and a brochure from that era.

Taylor K22 Acoustic Guitar

I remember back in the early 90’s when it was projected that due to the rarity of Koa wood there would soon be no more guitars being made from this wood. Well that did not happen and there are still guitars being produced with Koa wood today, yet this is still a rare wood which is limited compared to other more common woods. However this projected rarity was a real selling point for the K22 back then and it was considered to be a good addition to a vintage guitar collection and a nice investment for the future. The thing was that it was pretty expensive. I think the MSRP was around $2200 even back then. However this price did include a gorgeous, plush guitar case.

The grand concert acoustic body style is significantly smaller than a dreadnaught so you would think that it would not be very loud. However the K22 is much louder than what you would think! The neck profile is also “small” in that it is slim and narrow, so when the guitar is setup properly with low action, it makes it extremely comfortable to play lead all up and down the neck.

Not only does the loudness of the guitar stand out but the tone is really sweet, very well balanced. There are no electronics in this model, however sticking an SM57 right up over the sound hole has always worked beautifully whenever I have used this guitar for recording. The sound is crisp and brilliant. I have used it for finger picking as well as soloing and chord accompaniment in a variety of styles.

Taylor Koa Wood Guitar

Koa wood is used for the top, back and sides of this guitar. The fretboard is made of ebony and the neck is slightly rounded adding to the versatility of playing lead on the guitar as well. The tuners are the gold Schaller type, high quality.

They began to produce a second version of the K-22 latter in the 90’s. I have played at least one of these newer ones and the neck is definitely not as nice and slim as the early ones like this. One thing you will notice is the variation in the grain among these guitars. I have included these pictures so that you can really get an appreciation for the highly flamed Koa wood grain. The guitar looks truly stunning in person.