Rivera Guitar Amps provide Extreme Versatility

Versatility is the best way to describe these Rivera amps and this does not only include getting great sounds from single coil guitars and those with humbucking pickups, but acoustic guitars as well. This ultimately makes it easier to switch from one type of guitar to another and still be able to easily dial in the best sounds from the amp.

There are some really appealing conveniences to having multiple channels on guitar amplifiers and most of them have this capability no matter whether they are small or large combos. However the design of the Rivera amps is made to accentuate the expressiveness of each guitar through truly innovative diversity. The consensus that these are some of the best tube amp models means that they are going to deliver warm and smooth guitar tones where you can balance and enhance your sound with minimal changes to the settings. The Sedona Lite for instance may only have a single 12 inch speaker yet it is an all tube design using EL-34 power tubes.

Each of the Rivera amp models present very specific combinations of warmth and clarity which is ultra-important especially when you use different types of guitars. Their special designs allow you to dial just the right equalization, overdrive or distortion characteristics with an amazingly intricate control over the tone. If you have never played through one of the best guitar amp designs you should check them out no matter how diverse your playing style happens to be.