Vintage TrueTone Guitar Archtop Acoustic

The TrueTone guitars like the archtop acoustic shown here flourished primarily in the 1960s. These guitars were produced by companies such as Kay which made the guitars in Chicago. It is interesting to note that Western Auto was commonly the retailer of this line of guitars.

TrueTone Acoustic Guitar

There are many other styles of True Tone guitars including solid body electrics, double cutaway thinline body styles, electric archtops as well as 2 and 3 pickup models.

The example in the photo here are of an early archtop acoustic. Note the simulated flamed maple in the wood which makes the guitar very attractive. The bridge is an interesting yet typical example of the all wood construction design with height adjustments on each end treble as well as bass.

The back of the headstock mentions the fact that these guitars have steel reinforced necks. This particular guitar plays well, has a beefy neck and stays in tune just fine over time. One common aspect of the archtop acoustics like this one that we have seen frequently is that there is often just a bit of separation at the heal. This does not appear to have any affect on sound or playability that we have seen. The sound of these old vintage guitars is good but not great, much like a student model should be.